an installation of Rita Cotti Abrosis
performer on 21.10.2023: Yara Li Mennel

An alive dream inside the Haus of Lydia
performative act of the incorporation of Lydia’s universe
you can see more on Rita’s work here:

photo credits: Dona De Carli

What can go wrong?

Performance with Amin Alavi,Natalie Peters and Yara Li Mennel

At the opening party of Roxy Bar/Roxy Theater, Basilea


blu drop

22.06.2023 Casa Stanata opens the door for a day and night immersed in blu. The day starts with a workshop, followed by concerts, storytelling and performances.

For the occasion BLU DROP has been released
performance : Yara Li Mennel 
Tela/ Canvas: Elia Gobbi

A shadow and light game, behind a blue canvas and between a huge window.
Image, movement,sound- poetry intermelt each other into a blu atmosphere that travel into a deep see of blue memory 

The other day someone asked me
Why do you choose to live on a blue planet
Why do you love, people ?
My answer
Because I’m blue
and sometimes I do water too

Dorme una canzone in tutte le cose…
Sleeps a song in all things….

Project for “gardens in art” Monte Veritá Ascona, May 6-7, 2023

A collaboration with Carovana091 and the Monte Veritá Foundation.
The Carovana091 association was invited by the Monte Verità foundation to propose a creative project for “Gardens in Art,” an event that has been held in the Monte Verità park for several years now.
For more information about the project:à
Many thanks to Natalie Peters, and all the participants of Carovana091: Rita Cotti Ambrosis, Anna Rigamonti Hans Peter Wespi, Paride Guerra and Jacek Chmiel.
Thanks to Nicoletta Mongini and the Monte Verità Foundation. Thanks also to the large audience and all the sponsors.

performance by Yara Li Mennel
in collaboration with musician Paride Guerra

In the performance Balagiald the tennis court becomes a field of tension where the contradictions of life meet. The living body meets the plastic, the plastic becomes a body. It is a waking dream where fiction and personal reality are juxtaposed with a malleable intensity in which the artist finds an organic response to the complexity of life.

Photo Credits: Sheldon Suter e Nicola Cotti