Sebastian Strinning: Tenor saxophone, bass clarinet

Natalie Peters: Voice

Yara Li Mennel: violin, voice & dance

Jacek Chmiel: Zither, electronics, Filed recordings, singing bowls



The recording “Catacryptico” documents the inspiring encounter of four very different musicians.

Sebastian Strinning is among the most interesting representatives of Switzerland’s current free jazz scene.  Natalie Peters and Yara Li Mennel from Locarno have been working together for several years, relying entirely on a natural, spontaneous use of voice and instrument, finding new aesthetics through their communicative abilities. 

Jacek Chmiel, from Poland, studied in Basel with Fred Frith and moves in an exciting field  of tension between deep listening and powerful sonic gestures. To fully exploit the meeting of these different characters, the music develops entirely in the “here and now.” 

The resulting recording fascinates with the musicians merging into soundscapes that arise unpredictably, ultimately enchanting with their harmony and intensity.
The quartet moves with strength, confidence, and at the same time delicacy through the individual pieces. 

They are compositions of the moment, poetic ciphers emerging from the deep feelings of those involved.
The title, a play on words combining “catacombs” and “cryptic,” alludes to this.